Last updated in july 2010

Polippix - The privacy CD

Polippix is political statement in a bootable CD. It presents several IT-political problematics like how to stay anonymous and avoid censorship on the internet. It also helps the user to break DRM'ed media, like copying a dvd.

IT-Political Association of Denmark started making Polippix as a protest against the recent antiterror laws being passed in Denmark and the way they impact innocent citizens. The CD has been immensely popular. After being sent out to 12.000 IT-professionals in a partnership with
, it hit the national news and more than 25.000 danes downloaded it from the internet.

Download Polippix

Polippix 2.1

Now also available with Spanish texts and of course still with texts in Danish, English, German and French.
WARNING: Polippix has not been updated since jul 2010 and should therefore be considered unsafe. You may take a look at the alternatives. At the time of writing(2014-01-19), Tails seems like an option.
-IT-Political Association of Denmark

Download Polippix 2.1:
Md5sum: 8aa7907ef948cc875cd6f4721becb096

About Polippix

Documents about Polippix
Political texts: Read them online here or on the downloadable CD image.
15 minuttes video about Polippix. Talk delivered at FOSDEM: download here (113 MB).
German wiki about Polippix.

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